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June 15, 2020

If you want to up the ante on your kitchen and bath remodeling in Northern, VA, a simple way to do so is to do all repairs and modifications at the same time. This is called a whole house remodel, and it is serious business. Despite the very nature of the remodeling process, today there are still some extreme benefits to choosing an entire remodel in one go.


Keeps Design Consistent

Keeping design consistent across existing rooms is much more difficult than simply adding a room to a design plan in a large-scale kitchen and bath remodeling in Northern VA. Conversely, people who choose to make the kitchen or bathroom a part of the design process are able to seamlessly integrate all of the elements of the design into those spaces. It is unfortunate, but it is often obvious to homebuyers when a single room has not been included in a remodel, because it sticks out like a sore thumb, it may be much more dated than other rooms, or it is missing key elements of a design scheme that can be found in other areas of the home.


Stay Where You Love

The old saying “location, location, location” is so timeless because that is one of the most serious elements of any home’s value. If you love your location but are less than satisfied by the state of your home, you always have the option of changing your home to better fit your needs and desires.


Get What You Want

One of the most obvious reasons you would want to do a whole house renovation with home builders in Northern VA, is to get the things you want and need in your home. This level of convenience does not come inexpensively, however, so you should always be prepared to pay your contractors what they are worth.

At Craftsman Construction, we approach every kitchen and bath remodeling in Northern, VA, very seriously. We work with designers, architects and experienced construction workers to build a plan and get it executed. Contact us at 540-908-2030 to schedule an appointment.

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