Why Choose Us:
Best Communication
Craftsman Construction has been designing, building, and remodeling homes for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on premium client services and the attention to detail that makes sure your project is done the right way.
It’s A Common Complaint From Customers About This Industry:
“A Lack Of Communication”
I’ve Solved That Problem Completely.

A Message from Jerry Jackness,
President of Craftsman Construction:

There is no greater source of frustration for homeowners than a lack of communication from their builder or remodeler. Homeowners often feel like they are in the dark, wondering if there is a delay or problem and what is coming next.

Or they are concerned about a problem they see and wonder why they can’t get a straight answer. All of this can cause a lot of anxiety.

I’m absolutely allergic to this way of doing business – I just won’t allow my customers to ever feel that way. That’s why my customers always know who they can call with a problem, question, or concern: ME.

I’ve been running my business since 1986 this way, and I have no plans on changing my ‘you can always call me’ policy. (By the way, I make sure you have both my cell phone and my direct office line).

Regular Communication

But don’t get the idea that you will have to wait until you have a concern before you hear from me or a member of my team. We will be providing you regular updates – weekly at a minimum (and often more). Also, there is a Superintendent in charge on site every single day your project is active. With our proactive and accountable approach, all communication frustrations are eliminated.

24/7 Access To Your Project

I’ve always rejected staying stuck in the past. If new materials or new building techniques can improve the quality of my results, I make the change.

It’s the same for communication – if there is a way to use technology to improve it, my company takes advantage.

That’s why we post project updates, including photos, online for you on a regular basis. You’ll have a special login for your project that will give you 24/7 access to project updates and photos.

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Your Investment Means You Deserve The Best Communication

To sum up my philosophy: if you’ve made a sizeable investment to build a new home or do a major remodel of your existing home, you deserve the very best communication. There really is no excuse for anything less.

If Craftsman Construction sounds like your kind of company, contact us now for a free initial consultation.