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April 15, 2020

Kitchens are among some of the most high-traffic areas of any home; each member of the family is likely to spend time there each day. As leading kitchen remodelers serving Northern VA, Craftsman Builds team members are often asked about the latest kitchen design trends. We have rounded up some of the freshest ideas in home remodeling to inspire and excite our clients looking for ideas that can be applied to many different homes.


Beautiful Materials Used Together

In recent years a mixture of materials has added interest to kitchens both large and small. Marble countertops paired with wood cabinetry, metal cabinetry features paired with tasteful laminate flooring, and other novel combinations have added a great deal of interest to kitchens. This trend continues to gain interest and designers are still finding new combinations for clients. There are many materials that can be successfully used in kitchens, such as

  • Aluminum and steel
  • Copper and brass
  • Wood or faux wood
  • Laminate flooring
  • Natural stone
  • Faux stone
  • Ceramic tile 

These materials can be used as primary features or integrated into the small touches that tie a kitchen’s design together.


Warm Finishes for a Cozy Atmosphere

Kitchens have historically been given a very clean look to emphasize a feeling of freshness. While freshness is still a desired mood in kitchen design, the hard lines are being softened with the help of warm finishes. Glossy finishes are giving away to matte finishes and patterns suggesting woodgrain are being used to add visual texture to the space. Plaster is a great material for the application of a warm finish; a lightly brushed application adds just a little bit of variety to the expanse and makes the space feel very inviting. Warm finishes are great for large and small kitchens.


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