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Craftsman Construction has been designing, building, and remodeling homes for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on premium client services and the attention to detail that makes sure your project is done the right way.
Don’t Settle For Typical Results.
When It’s About The Value Of Your Home, DEMAND A Contractor That Is Relentless About Quality.
When it comes to building and remodeling contractors, there is no shortage of “okay” choices. Maybe they get the job done, but the results are less than they can – and should – be.

At Craftsman Construction, we’re different. Our obsessive drive for quality and our ‘every detail matters’ attitude make us an elite contractor for homeowners that have higher expectations.

We excel in every area that matters. Our designs are more unique. The materials we use are proven to be top quality. And we spend more time staying on top of best industry practices because we love what we do and have never stopped learning.

It all adds up to an amazing experience and eye-popping results for our customers.

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Why Homeowners Choose Us

Design & Build
‘All Under One Roof’

We have a seamless design & build process that gives our customers several advantages. We know the “real world” implications of design choices (something those that only have design experience don’t understand). We also have a more personalized and custom approach to creating a unique design.

Design & Build

We Can PROVE Our Qualifications

We have never been content to just say “we’re qualified” or “we have experience” – we back up what we say with real qualifications. We have always been passionate about staying on top of the latest industry best practices and we have many certifications and completed trainings to PROVE it.

Proven Qualifications

Standards = Top Results

Do you know that many builders and remodelers have no one in charge at the job site? They sub-contract each aspect of the job and then hope it all comes together. We don’t operate that way.
We have a superintendent in charge of quality control on site EVERY SINGLE WORKDAY.



Our owner Jerry Jackness is a hands-on owner who WANTS you to reach out to him ANYTIME you have a question or concern.
We also take extra time to keep you completely updated on the status of your project.

Best Communication