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Craftsman Construction has been designing, building, and remodeling homes for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on premium client services and the attention to detail that makes sure your project is done the right way.
Always Ask… Who’s In Charge?
Did You Know That Many Contractors
Don’t Have A Supervisor On Site Daily?

To us it is hard to believe, but many contractors do not have a person accountable for the progress and quality of the project on site on a daily basis.

Here is how they work instead. When they make a deal for a project, they begin by calling in sub-contractors to do the work. Each sub-contractor shows up on the scheduled day or days and completes their work. This is basically a “hope-it-all-comes-together” approach.

No one is there to hold them accountable. No one is there to make sure all the pieces are fitting together okay. Sure, someone “in charge” might stop by on a weekly basis to check on the progress, but if something is not done exactly right, they likely don’t want the delays or extra expense of having it re-done.

The results of this kind of process are typically mediocre or worse.

A Superior Way To Complete A Build Or Remodel

With us, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of supervision or accountability because we have a Superintendent on site every single active day of your project. Period. No exceptions.

A Superintendent with ‘the-buck-stops-here’ authority is so important to your project’s quality control. It makes sure that all the work being done is of the highest quality as it is being performed. We catch issues immediately, so they can be corrected on the spot.

Plus, a home build or major remodel needs to be looked at from an overall perspective. All the different pieces of the project need to fit together in the right way, and only someone in charge of the entire project can ensure that everything is being done in the right order.

Our superintendents also serve as your point of contact and accountability. If you ask a question, they know the answer because they are there, on task every single day. This gives our customers true ‘peace-of-mind’ because they know someone is actually in control of the overall project and they know exactly who to go to with concerns.

Contact us and find out what it is like to do business with a company that is fully accountable each and every day.