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October 1, 2018

There are more choices than ever when it comes to building a home with environmentally conscious features. Did you know that for more than 20 years, ENERGY STAR has been certifying new construction that meet their rigorous requirements? Thorough inspections are a part of the approval process, so when buyers find a property with the ENERGY STAR certified label, they can have the peace of mind that they’ve found a quality place to live. What benefits are homeowners seeing from their certified dwellings built by custom home builders in Northern VA?

Better Adaptation to The Seasons

When you live in an area with four distinct seasons, that sees sweltering summers, nor’easters and everything in-between, you benefit from having a structure that can absorb some of the shock of weather extremes. Features such as the sealing of areas where air commonly leaks from outside, correctly-installed insulation and high quality windows help stabilize indoor temperatures. A properly sized central heating and air conditioning unit, along with digital controls also help to maintain both comfort and energy efficiency.

Protection from Moisture Damage

One outstanding feature of green dwellings built by custom home builders in Northern VA is water management. Sealing below-grade walls with damp-proof coating, using moisture resistant materials in areas such as in showers and using flashing on outdoor walls all prevent moisture intrusion and thus inhibit water damage and the growth of mold, which would require material replacement. Water management mandates are also in place to improve drainage, moving water away from the house before it soaks in and causes deterioration.

Significant Energy Savings

Energy efficient appliances and lighting make a difference when it comes to energy consumption, and when energy is saved, it’s a relief to both the power grid and to your pocketbook. When compared with a traditional American abode, custom home builders in Northern VA typically save you between15%-30 on energy costs.

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