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September 18, 2018

A home kitchen should not be just a space to store and prepare food for family and friends. It should reflect your personality and style while serving as a place of warmth, heartfelt conversations and delicious meals filled with laughter and your handmade dishes. For those living in Virginia, look at these innovative and simple projects to transform your kitchen. With today’s DIY market in full bloom thanks to creative homeowners, a simple kitchen remodel in Northern Virginia has never been easier.

Appliance Overhaul

One component to keep in mind during your remodel is your favored style for appliances. Stainless steel refrigerators and microwaves create a sleek, modern and sophisticated look alongside easy cleaning. If you lean more towards rustic, start searching for vintage appliances. You may even want to invest in appliances that match your wooden cupboards, creating concealment for your dishwasher and fridge. If you long for a kitchen that is easy to clean, today’s selection of glossy and efficient glass top stoves may be your answer. If you need a kitchen remodel in Northern Virginia should also think about their countertops.

Countertop Makeover

One of the easiest ways to update your kitchen is by changing out your countertops. With durable materials that showcase your design aesthetic, new countertops are a simple means of kitchen improvement. Some of the most popular countertops include:

  • Wood-Creating a warm atmosphere, wood counters absorb noisy kitchen sounds, are easy on dishes and provide beautiful, textured designs.
  • Soapstone-An alternative granite, soapstone countertops create a contemporary look while you benefit from low maintenance counters that are resistant to bacteria and staining.
  • Recycled Glass and Cement- A highly durable and eco-friendly material, recycled glass and cement is perfect for your custom designs and morning lunch packing.

Other well-used materials for kitchen counters include granite, bamboo, marble, zinc, quartzite and plastic laminate.

If you are ready to bring your kitchen into the 21st century, or perhaps create an environment of antique country charm, today’s home remodeling market is full of many choices. From appliances to countertops, your updated kitchen can be created in no time. Even if your budget allows for very little wiggle room, you are sure to find an easy solution. Homeowners needing a kitchen remodel in Northern Virginia may even find themselves cooking elegant, restaurant quality meals for family, friends and maybe their neighbors.

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