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March 28, 2020

You may have home improvement on your mind this year. Before you decide what type of project you want to discuss with one of the home remodelers in northern VA, you should take a look at some of the newest design ideas that are getting attention. Whether you want a new aesthetic or better function, you may like some of the latest trends in home renovation.


The Future Is Now

Home automation is the buzzword for 2020. People are looking for smarter ways to make their homes do some of the work. Some of the more popular features include HVAC systems that you can program from your smartphone, USB outlets built into walls or furniture, and voice recognition security systems.


Softer Hardware

After a few seasons of brushed nickel and oiled bronze hardware for cabinets and drawers, new metals are making an appearance. Matte finishes have gained popularity, and satin or brushed brass is the new kid on the block. Compared to the shiny brass of the 80’s and 90’s, this new brass is almost understated. You can also mix finishes and hues for a more modern approach.


Love Your Laundry

You probably spend more time in your laundry room than you realize, so you can understand why updating that functional space is a hot trend with home remodelers in northern VA. Smarter storage can take away some of the clutter, while better lighting can brighten up a dreary area and make it welcoming.


Variation of a Theme

White never seems to go out of style because it is so clean and versatile. In 2020, white meets off-white, cream and ecru get together, eggshell and picket fence become friends. Different shades of white add a softness and complexity to any space updated by home remodelers in northern VA.

Are these trends getting you excited? If so, you should give the experts at Craftsman Construction a call at (540) 908-2030 for a consultation for your home improvement project.


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