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August 31, 2018

A major project such as building a home or remodeling your bathroom or kitchen needs someone to oversee all the sub-contractors. Although many people try to act as a general contractor, your project will go much easier if you hire someone who knows the industry and the community. Many times, they can maintain the work schedule and obtain permits better than you ever could. Your general contractor will also have more leverage with the subcontractors and suppliers than you do. Choosing home builders in Northern VA is much more than just opening the phone book and finding a company. Here are some tips to know what to look for when hiring a general contractor.

Longevity in the Community

A business that has been around for years typically has a good reputation in the area. It’s not just that they satisfy their customers, but the company is financially stable. Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints. Before signing a contract, ask your home builders in Northern VA to speak to other customers who used them. A good company will have clients who want to provide a reference.


How does the company communicate with you? Don’t only think about how quick (or not) they get back to you, but also how they explain their contract and policies. You want them to take the time to talk to you and explain in a way you understand, not in “technical-speak.” You’re hiring them to be the go-between your subcontractors and you. They need to be able to talk to both of you.

What is the Warranty?

Your home builders in Northern VA needs to stay on the job through completion, but also after the job is done. Look for a company that provides a warranty on their work, which means that they stand behind what they do. A company that has in-house craftsmen will be able to manage their work more efficiently. This gets the job done on time and to your satisfaction.

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