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January 30, 2019

Whether you are planning a complete home, a new addition or a remodel, you want to make sure everything is right the first time. Sometimes this means investing more money and time at the start, but when everything comes together the payoff is always worthwhile. In the process of your elaborate planning, make sure you include energy efficient options. These are a few areas that can improve the functionality of your home that you may overlook and optimize your energy efficient home building in Loudoun County.

Windows coverings are common and you have surely thought about them, but have you considered their energy impact? Superior materials can improve the heating, cooling and lighting capabilities of your house by several times over. This is easy to understand when you consider that windows are commonly responsible for 25 percent of your total heating costs.

Multiple thermostats are another big saver. Since the different rooms will have variable sizes and efficiency all their own, the best way to manage heating and cooling is room by room. This will also preserve comfort, as you won’t have to overheat or cool the small rooms to accommodate the large ones.

Tank-less water heaters work by warming the water on-demand. They are not ideal in every condition, but when they are applicable they do more than just lower the water heater bill. They save space and require far less maintenance than larger tank varieties. They also come with less risk for failure and flooding.

Energy efficient home building in Loudoun County is flush with options and varieties. The few things listed here just scratch the surface of what you can do and have. Talk to your contractor to explore every avenue of ways to improve the quality of your home. Often the initial investment will be returned many times over in reduced utility bills and maintenance costs.

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