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January 18, 2019

Finding and interviewing custom contractors is the key first step in building your dream home. Identifying a contractor or firm that fits your style, and that will take your project from concept to reality, is easier if you know the right questions to ask. Use the following inquiries when researching home builders in northern Virginia.

1.    Do You Have Photos or An Online Gallery of Past Projects?

In this case, pictures really can give a better idea than words. Quality professionals will keep a portfolio of past projects with photos and other details so that you can see the type of work they typically do, and some of the extras they have experience with.

2.    Can You Provide Client Reviews or References?

Expert builders will be able to provide a substantial list of client reviews and references for you to peruse. Be wary of those who are unable to produce any references.

3.    How Long Have You Been in Business?

The track record of any contractor speaks volumes about his reliability and quality. A resourceful website, professional business cards and trade credentials are all signs of a long-lasting company.

4.    Are You Certified by The National Association Of Home Builders?

Experts will take the time to build a portfolio of national trade credentials. Those who belong to the National Association of Home Builders have completed training and other courses for each certification they hold.

5.    What Other Certifications Do You Hold?

Top-notch contractors will offer a diversified portfolio of certifications from reputable organizations. These indicate a dedication to progress as well as quality.

6.    What Is Your Step-By-Step Process for Home Design and Building?

One of the most important steps to building a dream home actually takes place before the ground is broken. Designing a home that will fit your needs, and be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, should be the first goal of any reputable contractor. Asking this and other revealing questions will help you find a professional who will be your partner in creating your dream home in northern Virginia.

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