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January 18, 2022

As designers and builders of homes, we often like to take the time to reflect on the trends that are taking off in the new year. With the ongoing pandemic, the way we utilize our homes has changed as so many of us spend more time at home. Learn about the top design trends that are shaping the look and feel of homes in 2022.

Out with the old minimalism

Minimalism was a huge trend in past years. Stark white walls and clean designs without any fuss or ornamentation were all the rage. However, as people spend more time in their homes due to the pandemic, there is a thirst for warmth and comfort to emanate from the home. To bring the outdoors in, white walls are being painted natural, earthy hues such as chocolate brown or terracotta. Textures will play an important role as well through marble countertops and natural stone and wood surfaces.

Dual-purpose rooms

Another result of more time spent at home is the repurposing of rooms for multiple functions. Guest rooms are being fitted with desks to become additional spaces to work from home. Bedrooms are being equipped with treadmills, weights, and other equipment for at home workouts. This flexibility of function means, regardless of square footage, there is a way to get the most bang for your buck.

Craftsman details

A big trend for the home in 2022 is a closer focus on the details. Crafted moldings and trims will add a subtle sophistication to rooms. Higher quality materials will take prevalence as well. There is a push for unique furniture and decorative pieces to make the home custom to you. It is a great time to be bold with patterns and designs that stand out, bringing vibrancy and life to your home.

At Craftsman Construction, we have kept up with changing trends over the years. One thing that is sure to never change is our attention to every detail to ensure your custom home is designed and built above and beyond your expectations. Please contact us for a consultation to learn more about how we can build the home you have in mind.

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