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December 12, 2021

A Warm Welcome

When your guests arrive, the front entrance is the first place they will see and sets the mood for the entire gathering. A well-lit foyer with plenty of space is ideal for your guests to take off their winter coats and boots to get comfortable. As strong supporters of aging in place, we recommend at least one zero-clearance threshold. This allows anyone who requires a wheelchair or walker a much easier time getting in and out of the house. A bathroom and a bedroom should also be accessible on the first floor. Let the entranceway welcome your guests with warmth and holiday cheer.

An Inviting Kitchen

Nothing beats the smell of a home cooked meal wafting from the kitchen to entice your guests. We use the highest quality materials to create an area perfect for whipping up all the delicious holiday treats. We make countertops and appliances accessible so that everyone can be included. No matter what your dream kitchen looks like, we can bring it to life so you can cook and entertain your guests comfortably.

A Cozy Living Room

When it comes time to exchange gifts or sip on hot cocoa, a warm and spacious living room provides guests with the perfect space to unwind. Imagine a luxurious fireplace surrounded by comfy seating. Symmetrically placed windows allow natural light in and offer a stunning view on snowy days. The living room becomes the centerpiece for so many incredible memories during the holidays.

While this time of year can get hectic, a home where you and your guests can feel comfortable is necessary to feel at ease. From a welcoming entrance to the cozy living room, your custom home can be a haven for the holidays. At Craftsman Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering premium customer service and help our clients through the entire design/build process from start to finish. Reach out for a consultation and learn how we can make your custom home of your dreams a reality.

Turn your dream into a reality.

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