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March 14, 2020

When you are ready to build your dream home, you should trust a new home builder in northern VA to share your vision. How do you know if your builder can work with you? You should ask lots of questions and check references before you commit to any major project. These five questions are a good starting place for you to find a good fit with a custom home builder.


1 . How long have you been building in the community? 

An established home builder may be familiar with the local building codes and necessary permits and may even have a good working relationship with inspectors and other officials. With a network of community support, your project can move along smoothly.


2 . What’s the timeline? 

You want a new home builder in northern VA who is committed to doing the job right, but you also want someone who can move a project along. Find out how your builder determines and sticks to deadlines. You may want to ask for references to see what other clients have to say.


3 . How flexible are you?

It would be a rare project that did not have any change orders. You may decide to go in a different direction or add to your original design, and home builders should anticipate those requests. You should understand how your contractor handles any changes you make during your project.


4 . Who is my point person?

Accountability is a big issue when it comes to custom homes. A builder should either be the contact person or assign a project manager who can share updates with you and answer any questions you may have from start to finish.


5 . Can you explain your building techniques? 

Today’s homeowner may be looking for eco-friendly construction or artisan craftsmanship. You should clarify what certifications, knowledge of materials, and other expertise your new home builder in northern VA has.

Your contractor should be open and willing to discuss your concerns to make sure you comfortable working together. You can contact Craftsman Construction at (540) 908-2030 with any questions or to schedule a consultation for your custom home build.


Jerry Jackness, President 

Craftsman Construction


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