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March 7, 2020

Most contractors and remodelers are sales organizations. These companies are what I call order takers. They come to your house sell you a project at a fantastic price and go back to the office, never to set foot on your project until it is time to collect a check.

The salesman that sold you the job will make some phone calls to the different trades and schedule them to come to your house and perform their work.

I had put a bid in on a nice kitchen remodel project. After reviewing the bid with the client, he wanted to know why we were more expensive than the other contractors.

I proceeded to tell him that one of the reasons we charge more is that there would be an onsite supervisor every day that we worked on his project. He looked at me and said you mean I don't have to tell the electrician where I want the outlets or the plumber where the sink is going. I said no, that is our job to make sure everything is in its right place and built to the specifications you paid for. He proceeded to tell me the last time he had hired a contractor to remodel his house he had to tell all the subcontractors where everything went.

After explaining our role as supervisor and project coordinator the client was more than willing to pay the higher price. You see he saw the value that this brought to the project. With onsite supervision, there is always someone on your site that has the whole picture of what is supposed to happen. This person is also in charge of quality control. Making sure all the trades perform their task to industry standards or better. His job is to make sure you get what you pay for, not pay for what you get.


Jerry Jackness, President 

Craftsman Construction


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