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April 22, 2021

You have worked hard and are ready to build your dream home. It will be a place filled with memories: dogs sleeping happily in the sunbeams peering through windows, conversations over delicious dinners, and special nights with the people you love. You plan to invest in your home to make it more comfortable, stylish, and unique. If you want your dream home to last and to be able to keep living there for years to come, aging in place is a great way to further invest in the longevity of your home.

To age in place, you will need to build a house with accessibility and maneuverability in mind. Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Counter Height

When designing a kitchen, it is easy to overlook functionality. Smart design considers counter heights to make them wheelchair accessible. While your family may not need this accessibility at the moment, there might be a need for it later on in life.

2. Switches and Controls

Similar to countertops, the heights of switches and controls should be considered for accessibility. The standard height is 48 inches above the floor. Aging can limit our mobility, so ease of use is important for light switches and thermostat controls that you use multiple times every day.

3. First Floor Bathroom and Bedroom

Having your bedroom on the second floor usually requires taking the stairs and this becomes difficult as we age. A solution is to have at least one bedroom and bathroom on the first floor. Should you suffer from an injury or illness, having easy access to a bedroom and bathroom will help you recover with less of a struggle. A first-floor bedroom and bathroom can always be a guest room until it is needed as a long-term living arrangement.

These are just a few ideas among many to make the home of your dreams ideal for aging in place. For someone serious about building a home for their later years of life, we recommend reaching out for a consultation.  We have an extensive list of areas we focus on which you can view as a PDF here. A custom-built house focused on aging in place will set you up for a future of many happy memories in your home.

Turn your dream into a reality.

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