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May 25, 2019

Design-Build is a shift from the more traditional design-bid-build delivery because it provides one contact for the design and construction phases of an entire project. Here are the top ten benefits of the system.

  1. Improved risk management. Each member of the design-build team is accountable for the risks they are best qualified to manage.
  2. Time savings. The design and construction time allocated for the project is often significantly reduced because the two areas overlap.
  3. Total accountability. With a single point of responsibility for schedule adherence, cost, and quality, design-build achieves multiple parallel objectives.
  4. Expertise. Design-build firms are experts in the architecture field and also have professional experience in construction, enabling an understanding of how structures are built as well as their sequencing and pricing.
  5. Continuity. Involving a design-build company from beginning to end adds an intrinsic level of efficiency and significantly diminishes the likelihood for anything to fall through the cracks.
  6. Professional guides. A design-build firm guides clients through the entire process to the best possible outcome by cultivating and managing each phase of the project from start to finish into orderly steps.
  7. Collaboration. In the design-build system, the client and the team collaborate to retain total control over the project.
  8. Involvement. Design-build works under the premise that the client is an active participant in the design and construction of the project. Active participation guarantees the achievement of the client’s goals, needs, and objectives.
  9. Enhanced communication. The property owner has greater access to the project team throughout the project's development when everyone works together as a team.
  10. Cost savings. When design and construction personnel communicate as a team, the end result is cost savings from evaluating alternative materials and methods accurately and efficiently.

Be sure to reach out for a consultation or read testimonials to learn why Craftsman is the prefered design-build Northern Virginia.

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