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October 29, 2019

Do you know what features you would like to have incorporated into the exterior of your home? If you are working with a design and build company in northern VA such as Craftsman Construction, you can have custom details to make your house stand out from the rest. Homeowners may know what they like, but they do not always know what to ask for. Here are some common architecture terms to help familiarize you with elements you may like added to your home.


A façade is, quite simply, the front of your home. This side is like the face, the side that gets the most attention. Some homes will have different materials on the façade than the other sides of the house to reduce costs or add curb appeal.


An open porch or covered space over the entryway of a home is known as the portico. More homeowners are expanding porticos to allow for room to entertain guests and expand usable outdoor space.


The arrangement of windows or openings on a structure is called the fenestration. It’s a complicated-sounding word for a simple concept, but the fenestration can add a lot character to your custom home.  You may want to explore your options for window layout with your design and build company in northern Virginia to make the most of your environment.


Are you drawn to the horizontal details found over windows or doors? This feature is called a lintel, and it can be purely decorative or load-bearing, making it a functional part of home design. Lintels can be plain or ornate; either way, they can add some pizzazz to your home’s façade.

Once you know the terminology of the features you want, you can be better prepared to talk with your design and build company in northern VA. Craftsman Construction has designers to take the guesswork out of custom touches you like for a home that is perfect for you from the inside to the exterior. Give us a call at (540) 908-2030 to get started.

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