Craftsman Construction: Building the Best Custom Homes in Northern VA since 1986!

About Craftsman Construction

Craftsman Construction is a custom home builder and remodeler. Our company focuses on residential projects of all sizes and significant remodels. We are based out of the Northern Virginia area, but have done projects up and down the East Coast.

We are a closely held company. The owners Perry Botto and Jerry Jackness have been in the construction trades for over 30 years each. Jerry and Perry had been friends and mentors for many years before deciding to combine their talents for construction, design and project management. Together these two partners bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

We are a design build firm that specializes in building energy efficient homes. The company was an early adaptor of energy efficient construction systems, such as ICF (insulated concrete forms), Geo Thermal Heating Systems and Spray Foam Insulation Systems just to name a few. We constantly strive to stay abreast of the latest products and techniques. Attending industry trade shows and taking continuing education classes are just a few ways we stay abreast of the latest trends in building science.

One of the unique features of Craftsman Construction is that there will always be a project superintendent dedicated solely to your project until completion. A project manager will be assigned to help the client in selections, design and changes. The client will be assigned a customer portal that will track all of the clients selections and communications. This client portal is available 24 hours a day.

Another unique feature of Craftsman Construction is in their pricing policy. The company has adapted an open book pricing structure. This open book pricing means that the client see 100% of all project invoices, bids and labor cost. The client is given an itemized invoice for each billing cycle showing all cost and mark ups. Copies of all invoices from suppliers and subcontractors are attached to the invoice.

If you are looking for a dedicated team of professionals that can bring the latest building techniques to your project, look no further than Craftsman Construction for a great client experience.


Jerry Jackness, CGP

President, Craftsman Construction

Onsite, Daily Personal Supervision

Vice President in charge of production Perry Botto is incredibly demanding of our work crews. There is no room for second rate work. Your own superintendent is always onsite, every working day. Building moves at a steady pace and one mistake can set things back, so we ensure that you always have your own qualified supervisor onsite in order to maintain our demanding standards.

Financially Stable Organization

We haven’t been in the home building and remodeling business for 27 years without first establishing a solid financial foundation. You need to know that the contractor you have on your job is not on the brink of financial ruin, and that you’re not going to end up with your contractor closing the doors halfway through your project, in fact, you need to have the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that your contractor will be around to stand behind there workmanship for years to come.

Communication, Communication, Communication

One of the most common compliments we hear lack of communication between the client and the contractor. If you have had some home remodeling done before (or even if you haven’t), then you should know that homeowners are often left with a list of numbers of people to call when they have questions. Or, homeowners are left wondering, “What’s next? What happened on my job this week? When will the job be done?”

You don’t have that problem with Craftsman Construction. With a single call you can always reach the President of the company and he will personally handle any question you might have. We also provide our clients with a web based customer portal with their own client log in number. Once the client logs in he or she will have access to their personal project page. Here they can leave messages, check the construction schedule, post pictures, make product selections, and keep track of warranty items.

Full Two Year Warranty On Craftsmanship

We offer one of the best warranties in the business: Our 2-5-10 warranty gives you peace of mind that we are willing to stand behind our work. See our warranty for complete details.

We Work Until It’s Done:

One of the most common problems people have with contractors has to do with staying on the job. When we start a project, you will know what to expect, and when. Each project timeline is clearly defined, and we don’t leave your job to finish someone else’s. When we start, we stay on the job, according to schedule, until it’s finished.

We Use Our Own Craftsmen:

A lot of construction companies are nothing more than sales organizations selling a service. A salesperson comes to your house and makes a pretty presentation that he has memorized. This person has no construction background, but man he is a great salesman. After he tells you everything you want to hear and you sign up for his bargain price services, he goes back to the office and starts making phone calls. See this man has no construction crews that he can personally monitor. He is going to call several different subcontractors and ask them to give him a price on the work he sold to you. After he has gotten the cheapest bid, he is going to tell that company to go to your house and start working. Who is going to monitor their work, who is going to make sure that the project is being done to specifications, No one that’s who. No onsite supervision, no trade coordination, no quality monitoring.

At Craftsman Construction we have over 60 years combined construction knowledge. You will have your own qualified superintendent on site all thru your project. Only our own trained crews perform our work, and when we do have to subcontract out parts of your project, such as plumbing and electric, we use companies that we have worked with over many years and they are fully licensed, insured and vetted by us.

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