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Elite-Quality Remodeling For Northern VA Homeowners

How exactly do you find the Northern Virginia remodeling company that will be the right one for YOU?

That’s a crucial question if you want to guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. Picking a company that is a ‘mismatch’ is the sure to lead to frustration and stress.

Are We The Right Match For You?

After 30+ years in business, we know the kind of homeowner that loves working with us:

What You Can Expect – Our Step-By-Step Process


A lot of people are surprised when we explain to them that the main purpose of our first visit is not to get them to sign a contract that day. We’d rather see if we ‘click.’ A relationship of trust is the foundation for a great remodeling experience. Remember that whoever you select will be in your home for weeks or months and you need to feel comfortable with them. If it takes more than one meeting to earn your trust, that’s fine. We want you to see how we conduct our business and then take your time to decide if we’re a match.

On a practical level, this meeting is about determining the scope of the project and the initial budget. We’ll help you determine if the budget is reasonable for the project you have in mind.


At your initial consultation we went over the basics of your project. At that time we discussed your ideas, your budget and sketched out a few ideas. Assuming we were the right match, we move to this step.

First, we develop a preliminary design concept. On larger projects like additions and garages, we will produce several CAD drawings showing floor plans, elevations, section details and 3D computer modeling. On smaller projects like basic kitchen and bath remodels, you will only need floor plans and elevations. We will go over these drawings with you and make comments as to the changes you would like to see. Depending on the scope and size of the project a design contract may be appropriate.


At this phase in your project we will have refined your design, and produced a complete set of construction documents. This will include a full set of plans for larger projects that will include all the details necessary for permitting. For smaller projects, a floor plan and elevation details will be produced. A construction contract will be drawn up showing the complete scope of work with all specifications. A list of allowances will be provided for all items not yet specified.


It’s time to get it done! We take care of the legal necessities, like submitting the plans to the county for building permit review.

In the meantime, we’ll develop a comprehensive schedule. A Gantt chart will be made showing all work to be performed. All subcontractors will be notified of the upcoming project. We will place orders for items that have a long lead time.

As the job progresses, weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the clients will be held at the site to discuss any problems or changes that need to be implemented. Any changes in the scope of work will be fully documented.

Expect a totally professional, well-planned and executed from start to finish.

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