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A Premier Kitchen Remodeler In Northern Virginia

Beautiful Unique Designs Combined With
Elite-Quality Installation

A Premier Kitchen Remodeler In Northern Virginia

At Craftsman Construction, we think average is not nearly good enough. If you are shopping for a kitchen remodeler and are fine with cookie-cutter design and “okay” results, we’re probably not the right match for you.

But if you want a uniquely-designed kitchen and absolutely beautiful results, that’s our mission. Here’s how we do it:

Our Keys To A Great Kitchen Remodeling Experience

Start With A Truly Custom Design:

A beautiful kitchen starts with a great design. That’s why we take extra time right from the start to really listen to what you want from your new kitchen.

From the very first consultation, we’ll work with you to sketch out ideas. We can talk in ballpark terms about your budget and how your choices will affect it. This initial consultation will help firm up your vision and also give you a good idea if Craftsman Construction is the right match for your project.

If you sign a design agreement with us, we’ll then dig into the details of product selection and also create a complete design that can serve as the comprehensive plan for your kitchen remodel.

(Please note: if you have your own designer, we can give you a quote on the build phase).

A Commitment To Using TOP QUALITY Products:

The best design demands the best products – that’s how you get ‘WOW’ results. Since we’ve been doing building and remodeling work in Northern Virginian since 1985, we know a thing or two about which products to recommend in every situation.

Some of our customers have a very clear vision of what they want for cabinets, countertops, flooring, and more. They just want a little guidance and to be shown a few options.

Others have a general idea and know what they want when they see it. We can take this type of customer through the product selection step-by-step until we have the exact right products for your taste.

This is another area where we distinguish ourselves from most kitchen remodelers in Northern Virginia. We believe in creating a kitchen that an artisan-craftsman would be proud of, using a carefully selected mix of products. If the thought of having a kitchen crafted with care and loaded with beautiful, premium products appeals to you, we are the right company to call.

Installation By Experienced Craftsman:

Around here, we only know one way to install a kitchen: THE RIGHT WAY. When you get right down to it, great installation is really just a series of small decisions to always choose the best method. These decisions accumulate and determines the results of your remodel.

Decisions like:

Every time we face these small decisions, we always come down on the side of quality – we make the choice we would use for a kitchen remodel in our own home.

Quality Control That Guarantees Top Results

One other thing to know about us is we are sticklers for quality control. We have an on-site superintendent to make sure our quality standards are met in every aspect of the project. Some contractors send in unsupervised sub-contractors and hope it goes to plan. That is not our way.

Having this accountability is the way we make sure that our results always meet the highest standards.

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit for your kitchen remodel. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation.