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Custom Homes

Starting off on the journey of building a luxury custom home can feel overwhelming. There will be hundreds of decisions along the way. You might also be thinking about your budget and how to get the most value out of it.

And the truth is that there are a lot of decisions and things to think about. But there is one choice that determines everything else:

Who will be your contractor?

This is the key decision! Get it right, and you are guaranteeing yourself a great result, plus you are making all those other decisions much easier.

Get it wrong, and you’ll be dealing with a lot of uncertainty and very likely could end up disappointed. You will also have more headaches and stress along the way. Given the size of the investment in time and money, rolling the dice on a contractor you are not sure about is NOT recommended.

The Strengths Of Craftsman Construction

We’ve noticed that many other builders look for reasons not to do a truly custom build. They see going above and beyond the typical as a problem. We’re different. Our way is to see solutions, not problems.

For example: when we build a custom home, we are very meticulous about planning. We have a process in place that makes sure no detail is overlooked, and that the entire project runs smoothly. After 25+ years in business, we also know exactly what pitfalls to help you avoid.

Our Process

We break the Custom Home Building process down into 5 phases.

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Avoid Typical Problems

It’s heartbreaking when someone invests so much in their dream home only to have avoidable problems cause stress and disappointing results.

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More Resources

Want to see some of our beautiful work? Want answers to some common questions about Custom Homes? We’ve got you covered on both.

Custom Home Gallery

See some of the homes we’ve built.

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Custom Home FAQ

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

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Building Versus Buying

Building Versus Buying

Many people never consider building there home; these people have many misconceptions about the homebuilding process. Craftsman Construction can help clarify the process of building rather than buying. If you have been looking at houses and just can’t find the one with all the features you’re looking for, then consider building your dream home. A home with all the features you’ve been dreaming of, not what some cookie cutter tract home builder decided to build. You have this idea in your mind of what your perfect house would look like...


High Prices Don’t Guarantee Good Work

High Prices Don’t Guarantee Good Work

When it comes to custom home building or remodeling, paying a high price will not insure that your project will turn out great or that you will have a pleasant experience. However using a low price contractor will almost certainly guarantee that your project will be lacking in one or more of the following areas; Design Craftsmanship Quality of the materials used Quality of the subcontractors Member of trade organizations Keeping the project on schedule Having a superintendant on the job daily Having the proper permits and inspections...