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How long have you been in business?

Owner Jerry Jackness founded this business in 1985. For 30 straight years, we’ve survived and thrived, in good economic times and in bad. There have been many contractors who have come and gone during that time.

We like to think the secret to our longevity is not really a secret at all: do the highest quality work and treat people fairly, and the recognition and referrals will come. That’s been a pretty good business plan for 30 years and counting!

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Do you have special areas of expertise?

Yes and no. We are generalists because we do everything. We do design, we build fully custom homes from the ground up, and we do complete remodeling projects. We also do unique projects. (For example we have designed and built wineries).

To do all those kind of things, you need to be a general expert in all things related to construction.

But we also have some special expertise. For one, we are very good at creating a custom design that is unique and creative. Frankly, most contractors are not very capable designers and we really stand out in this area.

Another big area of specialization is energy efficiency. We have earned several special certifications and have a deep knowledge in how best to design and implement energy efficient products.

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How can I learn more about your past work?

One of the best ways is to read our Case Studies. This will give you a good overview of the quality of what we do, and what it’s like to work with us. Please visit our Case Studies page to discover more.

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Are you licensed and properly insured?

Yes, absolutely. We are properly insured and we have the state of Virginia’s highest contractor licensing rating.

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Is there a place I can go to learn more about building and remodeling?

Yes – this website! Explore it, and you’ll find it has free articles, blog posts, and reports. We really love what we do and enjoy sharing it with others. A great starting point for discovering more is to visit our Resources page.

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